With extensive experience of managing projects for the British National Health Service aswell as working with both small and large project partners here in Sweden, we have a good background from which to draw expertise to plan, develop and manage your project. The company directors have worked in most project areas, from developing, writing and managing large research projects, to the design and creation of an entire bike park. This coupled with a background in outdoor centre training and management aswell as guiding all over the globe, provides us with the perfect CV to take care of your new outdoor activity project.

So whether you want the complete project management package to develop a large outdoor centre, or whether you just need that extra support getting set up with a new small business idea. Give us a call and we'll guide you though the whole process:



- Idea development and time scale planning

- Project process mapping

- Seeking and application writing for grant funding

- Planning permission / Land use issues

- Safety / Training / Code of practice guidance

- Oversee and manage Construction of trails / Centre buildings / Adventure elements