From Wooden deckings to stonelaying, from traditional gardens to commericial playgrounds we can provide all the products you need to create a beautiful outdoor environment.


Along with our manufacturing partners, we are able to access a variety of products to enhance your garden, creating a bespoke outdoor living space for your needs.



Functional Design

Stonelaying driveways, wooden deckings, porchways, house fÄsads. Let us work with you to create a unique balance of craftsmanship and functionality when building, or replacing solid working elements to your property.


Outdoor elements

Everything from flowerbeds to patios to pergolas, we will work with you to design unique features that transform your outdoor area into an oasis. There really are no limits to what we can create or which materials you want to use. Our designers and Builders can help inspire you or add those little touches to your own ideas which create that something special when creating an outdoor element.


Outdoor Luxury

What better way to unwind than in your own outdoor sauna? Lounging on a luxury sunbed on your new wooden decking? An outdoor Bar prehaps? Along with our partners SENSSA we can provide both the products and craftsmanship to assemble a true luxury element to your outdoor living space. Everything from the groundwork to the furniture, we can help you create a 5 star resort in your back garden.



Click on the links below to browse through our product brochures. We can create anything you find between these pages and more.


So, simply let yourself be inspired and then give us a call!