Vision Business was founded on the basic principle that everyone, no matter what their age, has the right to play!

There exists no bigger or more exiting playground than the great outdoors. Through the facilitation of projects which encourage more people to access nature, our main goal is to allow everyone to exercise that right to play. And, in doing so, experience the freedom and rush that only come from adventure sports.




Iain cut his project management teeth leading the development of national clinical programmes for the Welsh health Service.

Outdoor sports have been his life-long passion, working as as a kayak guide and climbing instructor all over the world.


Since his move to sweden he has been able to blend these two into a successful business model, working with a variety of large and small project partners.


His dedication and energy to work combined with an inherent love for the outdoors makes for a great combination in any aspect of planning, development and building of outdor projects. From applying for project grants to picking up a spade and digging trails, Iain fully immerses himself in all aspects of the project development process.